Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How To Load a Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

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To prepare a semi automatic strapping machine for use - start by opening both end doors and the top lid of the machine.

  • Load a roll of plastic machine strapping onto the drum with the strap coming off in the same direction as the arrow on the drum.
  • Place the drum into the machine, through the left end door, with the strapping coming off the top of the drum.
  • At the other end open door of the strapping machine locate and feed the strap through the  brake arm with the roller and then under the external roller.
  • Now close the door and bring the strapping through the opening in the door, up and through the next roller which feeds the strapping into the machine.
  • Keep feeding the strapping through until you see it emerge through the top of the machine.
  • Now close the lid of the strapping machine and press the green 'Feed' button on the front face. This will feed the strapping through the machine making it ready to strap and ready for use.

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